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FAQ's about admissions open and early childhood care are some of the topics.

According to experts, it is advisable for parents to begin exploring pre-school options when their child is approximately 1.6 – 1.8 years old. It is important to initiate the admission process in a timely manner as it can be a time-consuming task involving the assessment of various factors. 

Additionally, sending your child to a pre-school at the appropriate age is crucial for establishing a strong foundation before they commence formal education.

We are currently inviting applications for the 2024 intake of Pre-Primary, Preschools, Playgroups, and Daycares. We kindly urge parents to promptly complete the admissions form, as admissions will remain open until all available seats are filled. Please note that once the batch reaches its maximum capacity, we will no longer be accepting inquiries.

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In the early stages of childhood, there is a significant and rapid development of the brain. Early childhood care and education (ECCEd) goes beyond preparing children for primary school. It focuses on addressing the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of a child, which are essential for their long-term growth and overall well-being. ECCEd provides a nurturing environment for kids to cultivate conscientious, competent, and accountable individuals who will contribute positively to society in the future.

How ECCEd works?

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCEd) is a contemporary educational approach that prioritizes the child’s role as the central figure in the classroom. The teaching methodologies within ECCEd aim to encourage children to venture outside their comfort zones, not through undue pressure, but rather to promote their overall well-being. Additionally, ECCEd places significant emphasis on fostering scientific curiosity among young children.

The admissions for a child attending pre-school usually have an age group of 1.6 years to 6 years. Generally, the cut off limit is below 6 years of age. 

Playgroup caters to children of the age group 2-3 years

Nursery for the age group 3-4 years,

Jr. KG (4-5 years)

Sr. KG (5-6 years).

Log books are commonly utilized in pre-schools to document the daily happenings in each classroom and the progress of individual children. These log books serve as a means to monitor and track various aspects such as toilet training, social interactions, eating habits, and levels of independence. Parents receive final reports that include observations and noteworthy anecdotes from the teachers’ log books.

UCIC Malaysia is the parent company for UC Kindies International PreSchool, which has been involved in mental development worldwide since 1993. UCIC came up with a concept kindergarten called ‘UC Kindies’.

UC Kindies is present in 7 countries – India, Egypt, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Indonesia.

At UC Kindies International PreSchool, our educational philosophy revolves around prioritizing the child and tailoring teaching methods to suit their individual needs. 

We firmly believe that creating a safe, interactive, and vibrant environment is crucial for children to thrive and progress while experiencing love and joy. Our well-maintained facilities promote both physical and mental growth in children. We strongly emphasize that childhood should be seen as a journey rather than a competition.

The maximum strength of each class in the playgroup section is 15 students, while it is 25 students for Nursery, Jr. KG, and Sr. KG.

We discourage parents from visiting classrooms during school hours as it disrupts the students’ learning environment.

Recorded video of an incident resulting in a child’s injury can be viewed by parents. Teachers usually receive children and bring them inside, while parents drop them off.

Parents must present the identification cards provided to them at the designated collection point at the end of the school day. The child will only be released if they show a valid identification card. Only individuals who possess these valid cards, whether they are parents or helpers, are authorized to pick up the children.

Yes, to keep our children safe, we do not allow children with contagious diseases to come to school. We also recommend that parents give the child the suggested amount of rest before resuming school.

Yes, we do allow to take transfer and admissions within the UC Kindies network of school. For the transfer, the school requires a no objection certification and a no dues certificate.

At UC Kindies, we firmly believe in offering our children a comprehensive development program. As such, we actively promote their engagement in various extracurricular activities to nurture their interests. 

During our counseling sessions, we emphasize the significance of encouraging children to participate in activities beyond their academic pursuits. Within our school, we provide a diverse range of activities including gross motor exercises, Zumba, dance, and yoga sessions, as well as enjoyable outdoor games.

At UC Kindies, children enrolled in the daycare program should be at least 1.6 years old and able to walk independently. This is because the facility is not equipped to handle infants.

Additionally, the daycare currently lacks the necessary infrastructure, space, and facilities, such as cribs and trained nannies, to accommodate infants.

UC Kindies organizes Mother Teachers Meet once a month. We provide parents with monthly updates about topics and activities covered for their child during these meetings. General feedback is discussed by both parents and teachers. At the MTMs, we offer counseling to parents on parenting tips and provide guidance on dos and don’ts about young children.