Age group: 2 to 3 Years

Duration: 3 Hours

Class Size: 15 Students

A year of fun with a consistent and caring environment where the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs are fulfilled as the child grows into a fully developed individual.  Peer social skills, habitual ways of responding and emotional control is at a critical junction at this age. The course is so designed as to maximize and aid in the development of these and gross and fine motor skills and activate visual and kinesthetic learning.

Key Areas:

Cognitive Milestones:

  • Learning to sit at and take instructions (montessory and guided play)
  • Eye hand coordination (fine motor and epl)
  • Sensory motor development (sensory play)
  • Learning routine and following schedules
  • Learning to handle books and toys (library)
  • Developing conscience and social skills (centre time- stories and active discussions)
  • Balance and coordination (gross motors)

Language  and Mathematical Milestones:

  • Developing latent communication skills-listening and speech clarity (stories and rhymes)
  • Learning phonic sounds
  • Learning the shape of alphabets
  • Pincer grip activities(scribbling, air tracing, bubble tracing, sand tracing)
  • Exploring and learning to observe the world around us
  • Mathematical readiness (similarities, classification, observation, number, shapes and colors, patterns)