Age: Should be 3 years before or as on 30th Sept 2022

Duration: 3.5 Hours

Class Size : 15 Students

A consistent environment to facilitate language learning and development of intellectual capacity, by fostering curiosity of the child positive interaction and new opportunities to explore the world.

Key Areas:

Cognitive Skills:

  • Development of gross motor skills and improvisation (guided outdoor play, obstacle courses, games)
  • Music and rhythm(zumba, yoga, exercises, dance)
  • Creativity (origami, clay, processed art, techniques)
  • Observation of the world and developing curiosity(interactive science sessions+A/v sessions)
  • Behavior control and social skills (activites, stories and interactive sessions)
  • Learning to use the keyboard and mouse (computers)

Language Milestones:

  • Developing pincer grip (patterns, alphabets(upper and lowercase))
  • Phonics and diagraphs
  • Words through visual memory
  • Learning to read along
  • Vocabulary development(visual learning and interactions)
  • Story telling and picture reading
  • Recognition of basic print i.e. Understanding that pages moves in a sequence and words are read from left to right

Mathematical and Logical Milestones:

  • Understanding of colors, shapes and sizes- 2d and 3d shapes
  • Logic and reasoning(observation skills, patterns, informal measurements, sorting)
  • Understanding numbers and quantity