Jr. KG

Age: Should be 4 years before or as on Sept 2022

Duration: 4 Hours

Class Size: 20 Students

Sr. KG.

Age: Should be 5 years before or as on Sept 2022

Duration: 4 Hours

Class Size: 20 Students

A Holistic program that advances the knowledge the child has acquired in the foundation years. learning to handle emotions, empathize with others while learning the three R’s.Learning to take turns. Listening to others, questioning the world around them, becoming comfortable in their own space, getting ready to face the world.

Language Milestones:

  • Reading and identifying short and long vowel sounds respectively.
  • Understanding and recognition of blend words, and basic diagraphs.
  • Reading and writing up to 5 letter words, independently.
  • Telling stories, jokes and riddles along with tongue twisters
  • Understanding of basic grammar concepts such as nouns, verbs and adjectives, also able to identify the same in sentences, read out loud.
  • Talk about things that are going to happen as well things that have already happened.
  • Recognition of the Hindi varnmala along with vocabulary for the same.
  • Independent writing of Hindi swar.

Mathematical and Logical Milestones:

  • Writing and recognition of numbers from 0-100.
  • Writing and recognition of number names 1-10
  • Understanding of the concept of ‘before’ and ‘after’ numbers
  • Understanding of the concept of ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’
  • Understanding of the concept of addition and subtraction of single digit numbers, mentally as well as written.
  • Understanding of basic concepts of perception of space, and mapping activities.
  • Being able to solve sequencing and  repeating pattern questions