Extra Curricular

At UC Kindies, we use a mix of innovative techniques and extra-curricular approaches that facilitate learning among young children. We use a combination of workshops, child-centric learning events, storytelling, games, outdoor activities and insertion of personal hygiene into daily classroom to cultivate good habits. Every activity is designed keeping the child in mind and therefore the method of education at UC Kindies is extremely child centric.

Children need to climb, jump, run, pick up sticks, jump in puddles sometimes it is fine to fall and learn. These are all necessary foundational experiences required for learning and accomplishing life goals. In fact, a play based curriculum helps in brain growth and nurtures the execute functions of the brain. Play helps children learning better, retain better and enjoy the learning process. Play teaches kids various qualities and social skills such as to reason, use logic, plan and work with others, sometimes leads and sometimes to follow, to win and lose, team spirit and to shake hands and make up after a game.

Therefore, we provide learning experiences to our children through a mix of both academics and extra curricular activities.