Become A Franchise



    Why Invest In A Franchise?

    A franchise offers lower risks for investors, who intend to start a business of their own. The benefits of a franchise business include:

    • Continuous support services from the franchisor.
    • Lower personal investment.
    • In-depth locationanalysis and consultation from the franchisor.
    • Collaboration with a recognized brand.

    Why Preschool Is A Big Opportunity?

    Preschools bring forth one of the most lucrative and safe investment opportunity. Neither does it involve huge amount of money, nor does it have extended break even periods. 

    Education not only changes people’s lives for the better, but it also offers numerous edupreneurs with profitable commercial options. Investing in preschools is one such source of income. Preschools provide a welcoming environment for children to learn and develop at an early age. It is their first learning experience and therefore it must be the best as it sets a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Thus, investing in high-quality preschools is important to provide quality education to children. Here are some reasons why investing in the preschool business is a great opportunity.

    Ongoing Demand

    Self Satisfaction

    Successful Venture

    Early Break Even

    Recurring Earning

    Moderate Investment

    Gateway to Education Industry

      Record of Success

                   UC Kindies Franchise

    We invite interested and qualified persons with a passion to provide quality education to join us as franchisees in Madhya Pradesh. Our preschool franchise opportunity is suitable for individuals who have entrepreneurial interests of setting up businesses with minimum investment that yields good returns.

    UC Kindies provide an ideal business plan for individuals who want to be their boss. We make it possible for individuals who intend to work in the rewarding field of preschool education and who believe that quality early childhood education must be available and accessible for everyone. UC Kindies Franchise is the perfect gateway to enter the education industry and turn your dream of owning a preschool into reality.  

    For Enquiry, call  9111611107.


    Pre Inauguration

    • Property and area survey.
    • Interior, Exterior designs & planning.
    • Assistance with vendor’s selection and procurement of all material.
    • Digital Marketing Support : Facebook, Instagram, Google Business.
    • Staff recruitment support.
    • Staff trainings: (Held twice a year).


    • Planning of Event
    • Invitation card design
    • Inauguration Marketing
    • Presence of head office team to counsel the parents.
    • Attractive offers to promote spot admissions

    Pre Inauguration

  • Admission support through digital marketing & lead generation.
  • Refresher trainings of teachers and counselors (twice a year 6 days training)
  • Instruction Manuals and guide books.
  • Stationary designs (Admissions form, receipt book, e.t.c)
  • Day to day operational support.
  • Academic Monitoring and Improvement.
  • Advertisement & banner design support
  • Investment Details

    • Investment amount of minimum Rs. 7-8 Lacs.
    • Agreement term valid for 5 years.
    • Recommended carpet area should be 2500 – 3000 sq. ft. with outdoor play area.

    Experience of UC Kindies Franchise Owners in Madhya Pradesh

    When we started with the work of this school, we envisaged an environment where the child would be loved for who he is, a place where every day would be a day where he learns new things, where he learns good values, where he learns to respect his elders and learns to temper his temperament, becomes independent and also get a good wholly balanced education.
    uc kindies international preschool
    Amrita Goel
    President UC KINDIES International Pre School
    Opening my own preschool has been one of the best decisions. UC Kindies provides a unique opportunity to associate with a global brand of preschools. Their distinctive philosophy of developing with love & laughter, world class infrastructure and excellent curriculum make UC Kindies different. The encouraging and supportive team at UC Kindies has helped the preschool grow.
    “We chose to open our very own preschool with UC KINDIES after a detailed study.UC Kindies focuses on teacher training which is very beneficial. The management has supported us from the beginning until today in operation and marketing. The curriculum is very well prepared and uniquely designed. It focuses on the overall development of the children, This is the best decision we had taken to start our own preschool.
    UC Kindies gave me the right path to channel all my energy. Every day when I go back home there is a huge feeling of satisfaction, that whatever we are giving to these children in creating a good foundation for life is no less than the best. Its unique curriculum and way of teaching make UC Kindies special, Focusing on life skills, Brain development, Confidence to speak, Manners and awareness makes a UC kid stand out in the crowd.
    I’ve been a proud UCMAS franchisee for the past 14 years so I love being around kids. I’ve always wanted to have a school of my own where I could provide the best nurturing environment to the kids, and UC Kindies has given me this opportunity. With the help of my wonderful team and the kid-friendly environment at UC Kindies, I hope I take the vision forward in the best possible way.
    uc kindies Gopur colony Indore
    Meeta Bafna
    Director, Gopur Colony, Indore
    I am thankful to be a part of UC KINDIES INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL. I enjoy taking care of children, watch them grow and develop, as well as work with people who share my passion. I take pride in what I do and have formed many lasting relationships with parents and their children. UC KINDIES has given me the opportunity to give children a great start in life by providing a safe, nurturing, and trusting environment.
    uc kindies Neemuch
    Shikha Solanki
    Director, Neemuch
    We are a fast growing preschool in Bhopal. This was the one of the best decision. We started in 2020 and since then our experience with the franchisee owners has been great. They have been accommodating and helpful. We have received good support from UC Kindies team at every step. I am sure we will be working on many more projects together ahead.
    Education is most powerful tool to change the world. we believe that education we impart to the generations today will give them the knowledge and power to change the society tomorrow. it is our responsibility to appreciate children’s individuality and empower them to tear off their viel of ignorance so that knowledge shines fourth as an illuminating torch to enliven all the corners by and help them reach their ultimate good in life.