What Does The Festival Of Holi Teach Our Kids?

When we think about the most enjoyable, enthusiastic and fun-filled Indian festival, undoubtedly the festival of color – Holi comes to our mind. It marks the arrival of the spring season which is the king of seasons. Holi indicates the arrival of new colors in nature. Everybody enjoys this day and for many children Holi is their favourite festival.

Most of the stories related to festivals have moral teaching. Kids love to hear stories,and therefore teachers and family members must educate children about the historic and mythological stories related to each festival. Tell children the legendary story of Holi by telling them about Holika, Hirankashyap, Prahalad, and Narasimha and teach them the difference between good and evil.

Every festival comes with its own history and it is our responsibility to pass on the learnings from each festival to our kids to make the celebrations more meaningful.

Holi is also the most playful way to teach kids about colors so they can relate them in a better way.  On the occasion of Holi, let your child play with colours and make related art and craft activities. Holi can be a perfect time to give wings to your child’s imaginations through creative activities like making Holi banners and cards with creative design and patterns. 

There is so much to learn from festivals. For instance, we put colors on each other in the Holi festival without thinking about social barriers of religion, caste and economics. These different colors but the same hue and this sends a clear message of unity. Pass such messages and learnings to your kids.

Every festival in India is a great family get together which brings the members closer to each other. Tell your kids how important it is to make a strong bond with family members, relatives and friends. Teach your child the importance of family and its values.

Let your child participate and enjoy festivals the fullest. Make sure this Holi, you teach your kids new lessons for lifelong learning.

We at UC Kindies International Pre-school celebrate all festivals with our kids through various types of creative activities and encourage them to participate in it. We also tell our kids stories related to each festival so as to make every festival more meaningful to them.