UC Kindies Summer Camp

Summer holiday is the most awaited time of the year for children. Summers are about delicious mangoes, vacations with grandparents, outings, family vacations, lots of playground time and of course a summer camp where you can continue learning with a lot of fun. The UC Kindies Summer camp was full of exciting indoor activities and enjoyable outdoor visits.

At camp children make new friends, learn new skills, build self-confidence and ultimately create memories that last a lifetime. Summer camp extends learning beyond regular classrooms. It is the perfect blend of fun and education.

It is noticed that during summer break a child’s screen time increases due to the lack of physical activity. This is where a short summer camp becomes the perfect solution! When children join a summer camp, parents can eliminate excessive screen time and instead utilize their child’s time productively. Through summer camp, children explore their outdoor surrounding and build social and emotional skills as they interact with new children and teachers around them.

At summer camp children are given the opportunity to grow and become more independent. Whether for a day or an entire summer, separation from one’s parents means a child has think independently and learn to trust adults and himself/herself.

Kids spent a wonderful time at the UC Kindies summer camp. 

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