To New Beginnings & Learnings

A new school year means new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships and new challenges. With a clean slate, we are extremely excited to see the beautiful memories our students create as we kick-start the new session. Due to the pandemic, children were brought up inside the four walls of their homes, in socially isolated situations.

Here are some tips to help you with the transition of your child from home to a fresh session at school this year.

Give your child voice where you can: Adults should ask questions to children to explore not only what they know, but also how they feel during any situation.

Children need to feel safe and secure: Adults should ensure that children know that they are safe. In this way, children will feel confident and protected which will decrease the likelihood of feeling negative emotions and will help create a stronger emotional relationship with adults

Observe changes in your child’s behaviour: Adults should pay attention to behavioural changes and engage in a warm and respectful conversation to accept and validate such changes. As a result, children will know that this is normal, and that adults are there to understand and support them.

Keep routines in place: Children need a clear structure in their lives. Adults usually help children understand and learn when they can play, go to school, have a family dinner or go to bed. Parents must help children keep the normal routine at home as much as possible.

Model appropriate coping behaviours: Adults play a major role in modelling behaviours which can be learnt by children. Adults can help children develop appropriate coping behaviours by engaging in activities such as listening to music reading together, playing board games or doing relaxation exercises.

We wish for a smooth transition for all our students and hope that they attend this new session with full enthusiasm and a quest for learning. All the best – let the adventure begin!

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