How To Choose The Right Preschool Post-COVID 19?

School authorities globally are assigned with a difficult task of planning to reopen schools after COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. Parents are equally anxious about the new situation and how to deal with the challenges that come along. 

Like other workplaces, schools will need to adopt additional health and safety measures before reopening.  As a parent, it is important to make sure you are choosing a preschool which provides the right child care facilities and follows all health & safety guidelines.

The important question that comes up now is – how do parents select the right preschool? Below are some parameters that parents should check before admitting their child into a preschool to ensure their child’s safety and health. 

  • Ensure that the preschool is following social distancing, including prohibiting activities that require large gatherings.
  • Make sure that the school campus is cleaned and disinfected regularly. Toys and other equipment must be cleaned daily.
  • Check for availability of hand hygiene facilities, such as automatic paper towel dispensers placed in toilets.
  • Look out for sanitizer stations across the campus. Sanitizers must be easily available at entry and exit points along with common areas and in classrooms.
  • Upon arrival, check whether your child’s screening is done. The child’s temperature must be taken with infrared thermometers everyday before entering the preschool.
  • Inspect the school transport facilities. The van driver and support staff must disinfect and sanitize the vehicle twice a day.
  • Question the preschool regarding their sick child policy and how they deal with sick staff and children.
  • Check whether teachers and staff are wearing face masks, shields and gloves at all times.
  • Sufficient stock of masks and gloves must be kept at all times in the preschool.
  • The preschool should ensure that all staff members and parents have downloaded the Arogya Setu App. 

We understand that it is a tough ongoing battle with  COVID-19 and we will need to make adjustments in our lives till a solution is found. We also understand that parents will take some time to adjust to this new routine and send their children to a preschool.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to follow strict health and safety measures at home and while dropping off your child to the preschool. Taking care of kids must be the priority of all preschools and in these tough times, we need to understand the importance of choosing a safe preschool for your child.

Therefore, look out for a preschool that follows strict health and safety guidelines, has a clean infrastructure and provides all necessary facilities for your child to develop in a healthy environment.  Moving forward prioritize your child’s safety and judge a preschool by their infrastructure standards, health and hygiene policies along with the quality of their learning programs.