5 Craft Ideas You Can Try With Your Kids At Home

As parents, sometimes we get so devoted in keeping our kids busy and entertained that we might forget to spend quality time with them. One perfect way to spend time with kids is to enjoy art and craft with them!

Make the most of this quarantine time with your kids. Pull out those big crayons and a variety of craft papers and let your kids put down their imagination on paper. It’s always a good idea to relive your childhood and you can do that by helping your kids. The creations might not be perfect and it actually should not be. What is more important is that you spend time with your little one. In fact, art and craft activities are a great way of developing early fine motor skills in young children. You could also educate your little one about the different colors, the different hues, the different textures, among other things. Remember, everything you say to your little one is getting absorbed. One day they might surprise you by saying – “Daddy Mummy, that’s purple – it’s your favorite color!”

For slightly older kids, you can try messy crafts and neat crafts both. Kids enjoy messy art the most. Messy art activities involve painting colours, brushes and other fluid material. This type of activity  is good for their sensory development and important for creativity, imaginations and problem solving too. 

Here are 5 easy to do art and craft activities with your kids at home.

  1. Thumb Painting: The process of painting with your thumb impression is simple and fun. All you need to do is dip your thumb in different colours and create birds, trees, fruits, etc. with your thumb impression. 
  2. Bubble Wrap Painting: Pour the watercolor on tray or paper and invite children to make gorgeous watercolor prints with colorful bubbles.
  3. Ice Painting: Put some ice in a bowl and give some food color, dropper, and brush and tell your child to paint the ice cubes. 
  4. Rock Painting: Collect some stones, marble or bricks. Make some designs, write quotes, family members’ names using markers, paints and different colors.  
  5. Paper Plate Decoration: Decorate paper plates with colors. Kids of any age can craft easy-to-make paper plate designs.  

The key to enjoying crafting is to connect with your child during craft-time. It’s fun and who knows, you might create something beautiful that you can hang on the refrigerator – or in a window!

Happy Crafting!