Are You Looking For A Preschool For Your Child?

Choosing the right preschool can be a tough decision! Friends and neighbours can be a good source of information that know about the preschool, but it is important to do your own research too. We believe every child is unique. If you want to give your child a strong and dedicated learning experience from an early age, the following factors can help you in finding the right preschool for your child.

1. Who teaches the kids? 

A quality preschool has trained teachers who can handle kids. Make sure well-trained preschool teachers who have knowledge about ‘early childhood education’ are available in the preschool. Apart from formal training, a good teacher displays a passion for working with kids. She maintains good relationships with the kids and their parents, share their love and interest in books and learning, and manages the kids in a caring way.

2. How does the classroom look? 

A preschool classroom must be safe, vibrant, colourful and hygienic. It must sparkle children’s mind and stimulate creativity. Major development of a child’s brain takes place within early years, therefore it is important to expose the child to various activities or things that he finds interesting. Colorful, play-friendly, safe environment is a must. When a child enters the classrooms, it should have an aura that encourages the child to play, discover things and indulge in the activities available there. 

3. How do the kid’s invest their time? 

A good preschool classroom is a busy place! Kids interact with lots of different kinds of toys, equipment, construction materials, picture books, art material, games, puzzles, and much more. The daily routine and schedule should include whole-group time as well as other time during which kids can choose what they’d like to work on, and they are able to work alone or in small groups. The preschool must have an indoor and outdoor play zone area where kids can play.

4. What kind of infrastructure and facilities does the preschool offer?

A good preschool offers modern facilities and world class infrastructure for your child such as digital learning resources, extensive library, science lab among other such facilities. A preschool must offer hygienic and safe facilities along with spacious classrooms. 

Some other important factors to be considered while selecting a good preschool are:
5. Curriculum
6. Hygiene & Safety Measures
7. Environment & Policies
8. Performance & Result
9. Parent Feedback