5 Ideas To Keep Children Occupied During Lockdown

Schools across India have shut down in order to limit the growth of Coronavirus cases. The government has also announced a 21 days lockdown period which we are all experiencing now. During this time, keeping children occupied and overcoming boredom can be challenging for parents. We would like to share 5 interesting ideas and fun activities to make this lockdown period productive for your kids and perhaps for you as well. Here we go – 

  1. Clean Up Drive: Use this period productively by cleaning and sorting all toys. Explain to your child why they need to keep toys clean and well sanitized.  Let your kids wash their plastic toys. Add tear-free bubbles and sponges to make it fun for them. This activity will not only keep the kids busy but it will also be very helpful for parents.
  2. Arranging Toys: Clear some cupboard space and ask children to keep their books and toys in an orderly fashion. Make sure the cupboard space is at the child’s height so they can access it easily. In fact, you can make this a fun game by giving children a heap of jumbled toys and then letting them categorize toys by grouping similar toys together. 
  3. Fun & Easy Indoor Activities: Children get very excited when parents play and spend time with them. Make the most of these 21 days with your family and children. Spend as much time as you can with your children and enjoy some easy indoor activities with them.  For instance, assist them in making their own fort using pillows, bed sheets, toys and decorate it. You can also give them a task to build the tallest tower by using toys, utensils, pillows, and other things available at home. Other than this, you would do various art and craft activities together, play board games and spend time reading books together. 
  4. Trash Art: Most kids love painting and decorating. Give them some recycled materials like unused boxes, buttons, sticks, colours, sheets, rough paper, sponge, cardboard and let children paint and decorate them. Let them get creative and make the best out of waste. 
  5. Help in Kitchen: Most children want to assist their mothers in cooking and be around them. Instead of getting frustrated, let them help you in the kitchen. Use this time to educate them and teach them something new. You can talk to them about healthy food habits or teach them about different fruits/vegetables. Provide them with some easy tasks like teaching them how to make Maggi noodles or procuring cooking items from the shelf. You could even give them a half cut lemon and tell them to extract the juice which would benefit their fine motor skills.

In this situation, it is important for parents to restrict their child’s screen time and instead provide them better ways to stay busy and productive. However, if you do choose mobile phones or give TV access to kids, use them wisely. Make a proper schedule for it and discourage their excessive screen time. We will be sharing more activities for children during the lockdown period. Stay tuned!