Why Preschool Is Important For 2 Year Old Child

Sending your 2-year-old off to preschool for the first time can be challenging, but providing them with a quality preschool education can set them up for greater success in all areas of life. Preschool helps children build a strong foundation in social, pre-academic, and general life skills. The best preschools help children develop social skills, which enable them to make friends and build foundational conversation skills. Preschool also builds a foundation for math, not by teaching children math before they’re ready, but by engaging them in fun activities like matching, sorting, or counting games that help develop an understanding of numbers and categories. Preschool also helps children make choices and teaches them to take care of themselves and each other. Teachers at preschools also promote language skills by introducing new vocabulary during activities and asking thought-provoking questions. In addition, preschool develops cognitive and motor skills, and allows children to develop their own personality and interests. UCKindies fulfilling our promise of a better future everyday.

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